Post a Comment. All rights reserved. Essie Dupes. Posted by Unknown Sunday, April 6, 0 comments. A deep, berry pink is lovely to wear year round. Bonus: the formula is lovely and is opaque in one coat. Still, that nice green-tinged blue can be found on a budget. A taupe polish is a staple in my collection, and these two are perfect examples. The Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line is slightly pricey for a drugstore option, but the quality is not lacking.

Bonus points for the pun. I frequently have issues with natural shades being too orange or too dark. Surprise, surprise. The cool undertone works well with my coloring and is a little more unique than your basic nude. Rimmel's quality is on point, and it even boasts a wide brush that makes application no fuss. Occasionally, I am partial to a bright color on the nails. Secret Story fits the bill perfectly. However, Revlon offers the same shade at nearly half the price. I believe I've mentioned their line several times, as it's one of my favorites from the drugstore.

Essie's shade is slightly more pink, but the difference is nearly imperceptible on the nails. Have you all found any strikingly similar shades? Auf Weidersehen until next weekend! Categories :. Tweet Pin It.Wow, that's some great wear indeed, but bummer it took so long to get it off. Did you roughen the surface with a file to make it easier for the acetone to penetrate the polish? Those are all so adorable! And what a lovely idea to create one for each of your guests, such a personal and loving gift :.

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OMG they are all so darn adorable and special! Totally made my day, makes me so happy just looking at all these pictures! You are so soo soooo crazy talented and congratulations on the wedding by the way! Those are amazing, but my absolutely favorite is Kero-chan!

Kero-chan, chekku! You are one talented lady. These figures are perfect and so personal.

essie chinchilly dupe

I wish we were friends!!! Subscribe in a reader. Pages Home Blog Sale. Hello lovelies! I have a nail post today! I just started getting into doing my own soak-off gel SOG manis, so there may be a few posts like this in the future. I'm working on a post about the initial set-up in case you are interested in doing your own SOG manis, so look out for that post if you're interested.

One of the colours I purchased was Taupe-less Beach from the recent Brazil collection. This colour is also available in the regular nail polish line, but as far as how close the regular and gel versions are, I cannot comment on that. I know sometimes gel polishes are not exact dupes for their regular counterparts, so keep that in mind. In others, I am very angry it is so mauve.

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I think this one is going into the purge box, unfortunately! Definitely a beautiful colour, but I know there are better shades out there for me! Hope you guys have a good weekend! Posted by Jen at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

About Me Jen View my complete profile.Hi Rita! You are very welcome! I hope the swatches were helpful! Thank you! These are very nice, just a bit on the thin side compared to Revlon. You can find these on sale quite often too! I purchased buy loreal products from Awesome bazar.

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essie chinchilly dupe

As an indecisive shopper at the makeup aisle, this is super helpful! Best ever post for enhancing our beauty and i became regular reader of your blog. Keep useful posting like this. Also try these websites nail polishes online shopping Skin Brightening services at home.

It sort of feels that you are doing any unique trick. My Daily Food Photo Journal! Here are all of the polishes I own from the new L'Oreal nail polish line. They do have some really pretty colors, but I find they aren't super unique to my collection.

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I don't have exact dupes, but some pretty close ones. I have included comparison swatches below in order to help you decide if these are what you might be looking for! Overall, I find the formula on all of the new L'Oreal polishes to be a bit thin.

They really need 3 coats to be completely opaque and streak free, but you could get away with two coats.

Enjoy the swatches! Rita February 2, at AM. Heather Swatchapalooza February 3, at PM. Emmy February 6, at PM. Heather Swatchapalooza February 7, at AM. Awesome Bazar August 11, at PM. Anonymous November 18, at PM. Unknown April 16, at AM.Hip anema looks gorgeous, such a perfect coral-red! Love Go Ginza! They look lovely. I really wanted to love this collection but it's such a let down!

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None of the colours bring anything new to the table and in my view they don't capture spring time at all with the selection of shades. The shade names are written in a style more similar to OPI than Essie, I don't particularly find any of the shade names to reflect the colours that well! Oh dear, I don't see this collection selling too well! Great dupe suggestions too, they seem pretty spot on!

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I have to agree with you! All the colors look so familiar. I pretty sure hip-anema is a close cousin to Snap Happy.

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And Butler Please also and those were just last collection. I was anticipating the new shades but not so much anymore I don't own any of the shades you've mentioned but the lilac shade did look quite familiar to me! Hopefully they will be a bit different but I would be quite keen to try out Madison Ave-Hue : Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Sarah sarahlouxo.

Thank you for your comment, I read each and every one! However if you need a more direct answer or have a question, do feel free to contact me via Twitter TheSundayGirlUK or drop me an email at thesundaygirlblog at yahoo.

Images of the next Essie Spring Collection have began to crop up here and there. At the moment the release date is penciled in for March 1stwhich seems so far away. It is really hard to fully say just from the above images but to me the shades all look rather familiar:.

I'm not saying my above suggestions are exact dupes as its hard to tell without "real" swatches. I should also mention that some of my suggestions are limited edition but my real point is. Related Posts.

Unknown 26 December at Ellen Grace 26 December at Posted by: judit on: July 9, I have been asked so many times about these 2 polishes and if they are dupes of each other. I think you can tell right away that No, they are nothing alike! Even from the bottles you can see they are not alike. Revlon Mischievous is more brown with purple undertones. Essie Chinchilly is more of a softer gray. These pictures are all with 2 coats, no base coat and no top coat. Revlon Mischievous is on the left.

In my opinion, Chinchilly is a great polish that everyone should have in their collection. Especially for an Essie polish, Chinchilly has a great formula and easy to apply.

I like the soft gray color of Chinchilly. Revlon came in 4th on my list of top ten for Nail Polish by Brand comparison study I did last summer. If you remember I compared over 60 brands of polish using 5 items of criteria to put them in order. Essie did not make the list. I do not care for Essie polish because you stand a real chance of being Gumped with an Essie polish. Luckily though with Chinchilly you get a great formula and a pretty polish.

No Gumping there! I hope this has answered your questions, if not let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if there are any others you think may be dupes of each other,if I can I will check them out for you.

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I so agree with you about chinchilly! It is the perfect grey. It is also the only Essie I own. I have given every other one away, and will not buy another. I hated working fighting with Figi. I trust that you are feeling all of the prayers that are coming your way. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email.Oooh these look so pretty on you! I bought Chinchilly because I figured it was a good addition to my collection but haven't worn it yet. I'm also a big Essie fan and love all their colors. They may not be flashy but they sure are pretty :. Well you better dig that out and wear it! I'm still a big Essie fan so if you have Chinchilly, I suggest you put it on:. Great color on you! Thanks for the comparison. I'm kind of on the fence about Essie, myself, but I do like those L'Oreals.

I'm an Essie nail polish fan but I do hate pay 8 buck's for a nail polish that needs 3 coats or more. Totally not woth it, so ill search for Eiffel for you. I love Eiffel, although it is sometimes hard to find.

I'm thinking about buying it online. Wednesday, May 9, Dupe Alert! Essie Chinchilly has always been one of my favorite nail polishes. I LOVE the color. I am a big fan of Essie polishes because I love the shade selection. The formula is hit and miss - many of them are sheer and need quite a few coats to achieve an opaque look.

I have always just accepted this issue because I love the end result. It dawned on me when I got home that this may be close to Chinchilly.

And yes, it is. I found that I needed 3 coats of Chinchilly for it to be as opaque as the L'Oreal in one or two coats I used 2 above, but 1 would have been pretty opaque. I wore this all day and studied it in many different lights. Because I was analyzing it, I did notice that the L'Oreal polish is a tad lighter. It may look lighter because I used 3 coats of Essie and only 2 of the L'Oreal.

After 2 coats of Essie, I could still see my nail.

essie chinchilly dupe

In this picture, you can see the slight difference, but throughout the day, there were many times I couldn't see any difference.This is a grayish color with a hint of purple. Pretty and goes on smooth. A tad bit dull when dry but a unique color. About reviewer reviews. This is a conservative easy grey purple milky neutral color! My opinion is a dupe for Sally Hansen Commander in Chic. Both wear nicely and last a great length.

essie chinchilly dupe

Then top coat of I have this on even as I type this review. Long one of my favorite nail polish colors, Chinchilly is a great color for all year wear. It has subtle shimmer to it and is a taupish color that is I love the color, this is my absolute favorite for the the transition into fall. However, even with a base coat, 3 applications of polish it is a bit thin and streaky and a topcoat, it still I can't believe i haven't reviewed this yet.

It is one of the few bottles of nail polish that I finished totally and went back for another bottle. It is one of my favorite colors against my I've had this color for years, but never really wore it, but decided to give it a go after trying "Sand Tropez" and not liking it at all with my skin tone. This is a great purple grey. I didn't Glad I finally decided to buy this color!

Nail Polish - Chinchilly

Not sure what took me so long. My fave nreutral polish Looks great on dark skin nw45 for reference. I love Chinchilly! It is a beautiful cool toned greige, more grey than your standard taupe colour. It applies evenly and easily, opaque in two coats and has excellent staying power.

It dries Nail Polish - Chinchilly Essie. Created with Sketch. Write Review. More reviews, photos and discussions for Essie. Most Viewed Nail Polish Products.