Latest Achievements and Trophies Added. Martha Steam Achievements. We have one of the biggest databases of Cheats in the world. Welcome to the game! First step! Get your first heart! First clicks! Get hearts. Buy something in the shop! Good start! Complete level one! Girls love it! Keep going Get hearts! Comlete level 2! Beach party!

Complete level 3! White hairs! Complete level 4! Complete level 5! Thousand but 5 in a row! Okay, this is cool! Good morning!

Overtime! achievement in Yogurt!

Complete level 6! You stole hearts! G G Yog. Complete level 7! Tavern Adventure! Complete level 8! U U Yogu. Half a million! R R Yogur. Complete level 9! T T Yogurt? Complete level 10!

GameCircle brings achievements, save game sync to Amazon's tablet

A million hearts are yours! Get hearts!!!This guide shows you how to use the achievements APIs in an Android application to unlock and display achievements in your game. The APIs can be found in the com. If you haven't already done so, you might find it helpful to review the achievements game concepts.

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You can do this by calling the Games. To learn how to retrieve the player account information, see Sign-in in Android Games. To unlock an achievement, call the AchievementsClient.

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If the achievement is of the incremental type that is, several steps are required to unlock itcall AchievementsClient. You do not need to write additional code to unlock the achievement; Google Play games services automatically unlocks the achievement once it reaches its required number of steps. A good practice is to define the achievement IDs in the strings.

When making calls to update and load achievements, make sure to also follow these best practices to avoid exceeding your API quota. To show a player's achievements, call AchievementsClient. The following code snippet shows how your app can display the default achievement user interface. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies.

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yogurt game achievements

Publishing API. Management API. Other Resources. Before you begin If you haven't already done so, you might find it helpful to review the achievements game concepts. Define the achievements that you want your game to unlock or display, by following the instructions in the Google Play Console guide. Download and review the achievements code samples in the Android samples page.

Familiarize yourself with the recommendations described in Quality Checklist. Getting an achievements client To start using the achievements API, your game must first obtain an AchievementsClient object. Unlocking achievements To unlock an achievement, call the AchievementsClient.

The following code snippet shows how your app can unlock achievements: Games. Displaying achievements To show a player's achievements, call AchievementsClient.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

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Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Yogurt!. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Yogurt!. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. Main screen. Never use the mouse wheel to open the second secret. Please use the bar next to you or click on the slide. I managed to succeed with this method. Kagami 5 Jan am. Spooky 4 Jan pm. For anyone else having an issue, I can confirm what Time For Crab said in regard to the second clue.Ah, achievements and trophies: little badges of honor on your gaming account that tell the world "look what I did!

Some trophies are also less honorable than others and may leave you wishing to hide the truth from your friends or prying eyes. Achievements occasionally have little meta jokes attached to them, ways for the developers to let gamers know they're aware of how preposterous the events in a particular game are. Other times, you have to wonder exactly what the developers were thinking when they decided to include these moments.

Here are the most embarrassing game achievements of the last decade. Imagine you're describing Death Stranding to a friend who has been living in a vacuum; they have no concept of what this game is, but they know it's supposed to be a big deal.

You highlight the amazing open world and interconnectivity between players, its incredible script that plays with high-concept science fiction ideas, its all-star cast. Imagine explaining the intricacies of Hideo Kojima's vision. Then imagine revealing that one of the many achievements you've received in the game came from making Norman Reedus take a leak in the bushes.

That's right: by guiding protagonist Sam Bridges off the beaten path and allowing him to relieve himself outsideyou gain the achievement "I Couldn't Hold It In! Still, the name of this achievement just makes the whole enterprise feel a little desperate.

The name of this trophy immediately elicits a response of "Okay, whatever you say, my guy. I Did It for the Trophy. You have many different tools at your disposal throughout the game, including plenty of weapons and vehicles. With so many different instruments of war, mistakes are bound to happen every now and then, right? That's where the achievement " Tactical Genius " comes in, which is basically a badge of shame rather than a badge of honor.

To earn this achievement, you have to improperly deploy a flash drone, which sends out a blinding light to cover you from enemy fire and give you the upper hand. If you manage to blind yourself insteadyou'll receive a trophy that tells everyone else that you're bad at your job.

The Gardens Between - 100% Full Game Walkthrough - All Achievements/Trophies - FREE with Game Pass

Honestly, it may be even worse to have this achievement if you're the kind of person who would willingly blind yourself and your teammates on purpose just for the sake of completion. This game tells a charming and heartwarming tale of a young boy and his friendship with Trico, a fantastical creature who is half-bird and half-mammal. The Guardian 's review praised the game's story, saying it "shows an unspoken, healing bond forged in real time by two underdogs together facing otherwise insurmountable odds.

In yet another example of people and things relieving themselves in the name of a trophy or achievement, " The Call of Nature " is awarded when you happen to catch a glimpse of Trico doing his business. Unlike other instances of this sort of thing, however, you cannot make Trico do it on command. In fact, you may play through the entire game without it happening.

If it does, however, you'll be treated to a humorous bit of narration in which the protagonist describes the moment in which he learned of "the greatest This is especially true when this achievement involves what may be one of the most offensive sequences in video game history. After killing one, you can fart on the dead enemy to unlock the achievement. You can also do this after defeating the Giant Fetus bossjust in case you missed your chance with your previous fetal foes.

Whichever way you go about it, this is one achievement it's hard to feel proud of.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Has anyone figured out the secret achievements yet? I have just two left and it bothers me that I cannot figure em out so I can at the very least accomplish something The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post.

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Bunny View Profile View Posts. Click exactly where the circle is, the hitbox is pretty small. It only works on this picture! From 2 hours of trying, Finally i succeeded. WTF, you would expect to click on a boob or something. The hit box is really small.

Kudos to whomever found it, and Bunny for sharing. Luffy View Profile View Posts. Is this still bugged?

yogurt game achievements

I'm Clicking on the red circle spot and nothing works, not even on any other place. There is another person that trying to close the game and open it again, then straight to gallery or whatnot and click the nametag. I do that, and it wonderfully works. Strange, they did not work for me either at first. Restart the game, and try again.Everything related to the Xbox One. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and more!

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Note: We are not affiliated with Microsoft or its subsidiaries in any official capacity. The views of the moderation team do not reflect the view of Microsoft or its subsidiaries. I've compiled a list of the Game Pass games on PC and sorted them based on whether or not they have Achievements.

This has been the most basic and consistent part of Xbox since the and now this is ruining it.

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I hope its just for entry benefit and that the devs are ALL retroactively implementing them. MS has had problems with PC games because of forced barriers of entry. Without barriers though there's inconsistencies which degrade the overall service. Steam has already turned into a shit hole because of it. Achievements are a very minor QoL improvement which is in place in the majority of these services on both mobile, console and desktop.

Achievements add a lot to the gameplay. They also provide validation that I have completed certain games or tasks.

yogurt game achievements

I'm sure it will be a requirement going forward. Keep in mind this is BETA and has been live for hours, if that. This service has nowhere to go but up. I get that. Just would be nice to get some confirmation.

Then just play the games with achievements? It's amazing value for money still. I feel like you're just complaining for the sake of it.